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What God Has Joined: Hope for All Families

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“What God Has Joined Together: Hope for All Families”

Join San Francisco + Oakland + Bay Area Faith Leaders for an evening of Healing, Affirmation & Hope for LGBT Families & Friends in the aftermath of the passage of Proposition 8

Come Join in an ecumenical celebration of LGBT families

Learn about resources and organizations supporting and advocating for LGBT family needs

Sunday, December 14, 4pm-7pm
Historic Sweets Ballroom
1933 Broadway, Oakland

On Prop 8 Vote

I bless my anger. It tells me I am alive.
I bless my sadness. It reminds me I am real.
I bless my confusion. Out of it comes clarity.
I bless my tears. They heal me.

–Perry Tilleraas, 1988

No matter how they voted yesterday,
First thing in the morning, I will cast a vote for myself.

 Even if I decided against myself as child,
And thought I could never be happy,

I will begin reversing the old judgments
I harbor against myself,

I claim the power to judge for myself,
in every area of my own life.

No constitutional amendment will keep me
From meaningful, satisfying relationships.

I reach out and my needs are met.
In meditation and prayer, I find serenity.

I am more than a person being discriminated against.
I survive and persevere.

I am a being of light and love.
I am a soul – yearning, expansive, timeless.

I am free.  Amen.

 –Michael Leslie, Nov. 5, 2008