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Pride In Your Eyes – Hong Kong

The song was written for the first ever pride parade in Hong Kong, Dec 2008.
The lyrics are in English, mostly Cantonese, little Mandarin. Translation below by T:

Pride in your eyes, stepping big steps with me to the street.
Getting wet with rain or hot with sunshine,
Still make sure we’ll meet on the street.
Onlookers giving us strange looks,
I don’t need to guess why.
If they don’t get used to seeing LGBT,  we won’t mind,
One day they will say hi.
See me fly, I’m proud to fly up high
Whenever seeing rainbow in front,
   I will feel your love.
   Believe me I can fly,
   I am singing in the sky.
   singing can be heard all street,
   ’cause love can make one laughing and shouting loud.
Pride in your eyes, still accompanying me is you.
Rain or shine, still follow me
Go past more and more.
When facing obstacles along the road,
Confidence can make one end up prouder.
If the whole world unaccept me,
I rely on you to sing for me.
See me fly, I’m proud to fly up high.
seeing you today accompany me
along the road,  don’t care the distance is far or close,
use love for your voice.
Let me fly, I’m proud to fly up high
Over the rainbow, there’s my life, my pride …