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Summer of Love – Civil Marriage Rights Rally

freedom1zeksoGRACE folks participated in the Civil Marriage Rights Rally on Aug. 8th, 2004 at Larsen Park in the Sunset District in San Francisco. We recently joined “Asians and Allies for Marriage Equality” and the day was our first public effort on the issue. The day began at Oneida’s with breakfast (thanks Sunshine!). After arriving safely at the rally, we joined the silent prayer vigil with the Quakers. We were encouraged by the speakers and called to further action. Afterwards we were honored to share a wonderful lunch with one of the speakers, Prof. Jeffrey Kuan.

Marriage Equality Speech by Rev. Jeffrey Kuan

Here’s the email from our archives:

GRACE invites you: Asian Christians and friends…we’ll gather for a light brunch this Sunday at Oneida’s. We’ll eat, hang out and get ready for the rally by making some banners. Then we’ll carpool to the marriage equality rally from there.

Rev. Jeffrey Kuan

Rev. Jeffrey Kuan Speaks at "Summer of Love"

**Marriage Equality Now!***

This Sunday you have the opportunity to make history as we participate in the first ever Asians & Allies FOR Marriage Equality Rally! It will be a day of celebration, information, entertainment, community building, and good cheer.

There are those organizing AGAINST civil marriage rights – against marriage equality for same gendered couples. This year in California alone, anti-marriage equality demonstrations were held with 7,000 people in San Francisco and 5,000 in Alhambra. We must do our part to organize FOR marriage equality. Bring friends on Sunday. Help us get 1,000 supporters to attend the August 8th rally to support marriage equality.

Speakers include:

MABEL TENG (City Assessor-General)
TOM AMMIANO (Board of Supervisors)
PROF. JEFFREY KUAN (Pacific School of Religion)
REV. MYO DENIS LEAHY (Hartford Street Zen Center)
and more.

Join us on Sunday, August 8
for “Summer of Love 2004”
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Larsen Park (19th Avenue & Wawona)
in San Francisco’s Sunset district