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Invitation to GRACE Faith Sharing Group

Natalie Tong
Tue 4/11/00
Hi everyone,

Are you interested in meeting with a group of Gay Asian Christians to share your faith experience?

There is a faith sharing group named GRACE which offers a safe space for GLBTQ Asian Christians and their allies to share, pray, and worship together.  GLBTQ Asian Christians are uniquely challenged by religious and cultual forces.  We hope to provide a nurturing environment for spiritual sharing and worship.

Our first gathering is on April 22, 2000 Saturday 6pm at Pacific School of Religion, 1798 Scenic Ave at Berkeley at Baruckham Chapel. We will meet at 6 p.m. for dinner and start the fellowship at 7 p.m. Please RSVP before April
19th.  You can also call (510) 849-**** if you have any questions.

Our first meeting will be a “spiritual potluck.”  If you wish, please bring a story/a hymn/a song/ a reading/ an object that reminds you of an important spiritual experience and share with us.

Come and see…

God bless,

Gay/Lesbian API Working Group

A meeting of the PACTS Gay/Lesbian API Working Group held on on April 1, 2000. This is the group from which GRACE developed.

There was discussion on internal development as a group:

(1) Scripture exploration to counter inappropriate homophobic interpretations’
(2) Hosting speakers who were/are agents of change, i.e., sharing barriers they had to go through;
(3) Providing information/education on wider gay/lesbian issues,
(4) Building community within the group – with check in of personal struggles and experiences as they relate to each person’s faith community.

Pacific and Asian American Center for Theology and Strategies (PACTS)  began in 1972, one of the earliest Pan-Asian organizations to pursue the development of Asian American theology and build and support church involvement in civil and human rights struggles. PACTS worked with seminaries to include training in Asian American ministries as part of their programs, sponsored conferences, workshops, and other training, informational, and community-building events, and collected a resource library for research and dissemination of information.

For more information about PACTS, see :