About Us

GRACE ~We are a diverse, growing, member-led faith sharing group. We create safe and confidential spaces for gay and questioning Asian Pacific Islander Christians, allies, and supporters — joining together in community, social support, worship, prayer and spiritual sharing. 

We join with others to create confidential, safe and supportive gatherings of queer spiritual Asians, their significant others, allies and friends. As a faith sharing group we share experiences and struggles relating to each person’s identity, spirituality and faith community.

We offer personal testimony, counter inappropriate homophobic interpretations of scripture, host speakers who are agents of change, provide information/education on wider LGBTQ issues, and provide resources and referrals. We have also served on roundtables, told our stories in film, in workshops and on panels in the LGBTQ community and within Asian churches to reduce the isolation of and bring visibility and openness to Queer Asian Christians.

This website serves as a historical archive. The Network on Religion and Justice for will have more current resources at http://www.netrj.org.


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